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Center Pivot

For 40 years, we have been committed to offering the most efficient agricultural equipment and to continuing our innovations in the production range of the Rama Pivot System. 

The aim of irrigation is to produce food in the most efficient way and to use every drop of water in this way. Rama is deeply concerned with the scarcity of food and water and aims to offer even more efficient irrigation solutions, especially in the MENA region. 

Rama Pivot is highly effective in covering a large area with its irrigation system, increasing the yield in the area. The initial investment is returned and multiplied during its lifespan.

Our Structure:

The interchangeable elements of the structure make it easy to assemble and replace components, thus reducing costs. All components of the structure are 100% vertical hot zinc dip galvanized to guarantee corrosion and oxidization for years. Rama Pivot is one of the most reliable and enduring systems on the market.

Pivot Point:

The robust structure of the pivot point consists of strong angular, galvanized feet and highly resistant cross bars to create a solid base capable of absorbing the loads created by the longest systems. The height of the Rama pivot point is between 3.3 m (standard model) and 5.5 m.


Our spans are equipped with galvanized pipes size 6”5/8 (ASTM A513), truss rod and angels system distribute the load evenly and offers major support and durability. We offer three models with three different lengths to suite the irrigation area. 


External Collector Ring:

Placed on top of the pivot point, it keeps the electric energy out of the central water flow, receiving the 380 V from the main panel and redistributing it to the panel of each tower.

The collector ring is protected against humidity by a corrosion-resistant polyester cover.

Our collector ring makes any maintenance work easy as there is no need to disassemble any part of the pivot structure. 

Main Control Panel:

The electromechanics main panel is designed to work in the most severe climatic conditions but is easy to handle at the same time.

  • The metal enclosure is water and humidity-proof.
  • Auto reverse can be added to our control panel.

Tower Box

Injected polythene bonnet. Stainless steel connecting rod and ball joint. Motor protection with circuit breakers (protects motor from overheating). Exclusive control cam that offers a better security. 

Gear Motor 

High-rotation speed and easy maintenance with aluminum motor cover:

The 3/4 HP center drive is capable of 43 r.p.m. The gear boxes are tested to work in the hardest

conditions assuring a high performance. Rotator and stator can be replaced separately.  Improving the motor refrigeration.

Heavy-Duty Worm Wheel Gearbox

The sealed wheel gearbox develops an important torque force, resulting in a major resistance and durability on even the most difficult and uneven soils. has a larger tapered roller input bearing, capable of supporting a higher load, while maintaining a universal mounting system for simplified installation.



Galvanized rims with valve protection 14.9x24 tires 8 PLY. Other sizes and arrangements are available for different terrains and soil types. 


Spray nozzles and pressure regulators are chosen according to the amount of water available and the type of crop. We use a special and accurate computer program to calculate the diameters of the valves and regulators.


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